What is a Goddess?


I am 

the momma of three beautiful beings. My children are a great source of happiness for me. They have inspired me to be the woman who turns wounds into healing, pain to power and weakness to strength. 

I dedicate my work and energy to those who seek something greater in themselves. It is my purpose to facilitate a space  for all levels of self improvement. 

-With Love,



  • Reiki Healing Certification
  • Astrologer & Gifted Intuitive
  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach
  •  2015 Body Building Bikini & Body Transformation First Place Winner.



A woman who taps into her DIVINE energy & understands that she has the unlimited capacity to make her reality whatever she desires! A Goddess is in a constant process to know, accept and love herself on all levels; mind, body and spirit


Check Out Reina's second amazing Weightloss Journey in 2015, from her biggest size after her second baby at 215lbs to being in the best shape of her life and hitting the body building stage at 115lbs. Winning first place at her competition only a year and seven months postpartum.